14 Types of Labels to Organize Your Home


When using sticky labels, you’ll have to consider if you want them there permanently or only temporarily. Permanent labels have very strong adhesive and are intended for one-time use. These are usually waterproof and dishwasher-safe as well, so they’re perfect for food containers and jars.  Removable labels are made with special adhesives that are easily detached and leave little to no residue. These are great for boxes and containers that you plan to re-use.

Freezer labels

Standard labels use general purpose adhesive which fall off in cold temperatures. Freezer labels however, are made to adhere in low temperatures and high humidity. They come in with areas for dates and other important food specifications.

Ideal for: frozen food packaging and cold storage, crockpot recipes, meal preps

Name tag stickers

These are large in size and usually come with fun, creative borders. The varieties that are waterproof and dishwasher safe are perfect for classrooms and kid’s playrooms.

Ideal for: children’s rooms, lunchboxes, drink bottles, big storage containers

Tab labels

A must have for color-coded filing and indexing. These are perfect for sorting documents at the home or in your office, and useful for temporary tagging items.

Ideal for: folder filing, drawers, narrow compartments and slots

Sticker paper labels

These come in all shapes, textures, and sizes. The ones that come in sheets are perfect for printing customized labels at home. They are versatile and cheap–a must have for any labeling project.

Ideal for: customized labels, almost anything

Removable labels

Temporary labels have light adhesive similar to sticky notes. They peel of easily and leaves little to no residue.

Ideal for: ongoing organizational projects, containers that regularly change items

Transparent / Decal labels

These are glossy and completely transparent. You can use clear film stickers for normal items, and dishwasher-safe decals for kitchen containers.

Ideal for: pantry items like spice jars and mason jars, glass and normal containers


Heaven sent for those dealing with re-labeling frustrations in the office or at home. No need to endlessly buy label stickers if you know you’re going to rearrange containers periodically.

Chalkboard labels

This was all the craze a few years ago when they first came out. They come in waterproof permanent and removable types, making them perfect for kitchen storage and office canisters. They also come in rolls, for sturdier items like flower pots and garage containers. The black design matches well with glass containers as well so they’re very popular with style-savvy organizers.

Ideal for: kitchen jars, office canisters, garage containers, almost anything

Dry-erase tapes

Dry Erase tapes are no-fuss, removable tapes that are easy to use for re-labeling. You can use any dry erase marker for it and erase with tissue, dry eraser, or cloth. There are varieties that are microwave, freezer, and dishwasher safe so it’s also ideal for food storage. The white opaque background also makes the writing more visible when used with solid-colored containers.

Ideal for: cold food storage, temporary labels, almost anything

Self-adhesive vinyl pouches

These vinyl pouches have adhesive at the back and release liners on either sides. You can stick them to any smooth and flat surface. Insert tags, signs, or cards for identification.

Ideal for: racking, storage bins, file cabinets, shelves


Organizing tags are one of the most creative to use for labeling. There are free printable ones online that you can use for every space of your home.

Cardstock cards

These are durable to use and cheap that they can be replaced as often as needed. They are also often used in paper crafting and invitations, so also come in a lot of creative designs.

Ideal for: baskets, bins, and large containers

Key tags

These come with a reinforced metal that’s great for attaching to containers situated in rough areas of the house.

Ideal for: storage bins in the garage or office

Price Tags

Made of lightweight cardstock and usually available in large quantities for cheap.

Ideal for: Small baskets or bins

Wooden Tags

Can be quite expensive and require personalization. You can have it engraved or use a permanent marker, paint, or a wood-burning tool.

Ideal for: Long-term labels like personal specific storage bins in the entry or room